Quit Smoking


Research shows smokers have an 87% to 90% success rate with hypnosis. Are you ready to quit for good? The Durango Medical Hypnosis QuitNow program works – you can be smoke-free on your first day with us!

Stop Smoking/Chewing and Live Free!
For most people, tobacco addiction (both smoking and chewing tobacco/dipping) goes beyond physical nicotine dependency; it’s also a behvioral, social, and emotional dependency. That’s why, without a thorough, structured plan to develop the necessary lifestyle changes, quitting is extremely difficult.
Our QuitNow program utilizes hypnosis, mind-management, and accountability to produce life-long results. This is not a generic recording for smoking or chewing tobacco cessation. Your solution-focused program and hypnosis will be customized to meet your specific needs so you can be tobacco-free for life.

Session 1 : Your Quit Date
This is the day you quit. 85% of participants leave this session a non-smoker or non-dipper.
This session runs about 2 hours. Together, we will do an assessment of your tobacco dependency issues and define your goals. Next, you will learn strategies and techniques for comfortably managing withdrawal from nicotine. Finally, you will relax through a hypnosis session that will guide you in reprogramming your subconscious beliefs and associations with cigarettes or chewing tobacco.
You will leave with the tactics and mental programming to remain tobacco-free.

Session 2 : Reinforcement
During your second session, we will discuss any difficulties you may have encountered and to reaffirm your decision to be a non-smoker/non-dipper.
Together, we’ll develop a session addressing any specific concerns you may have such as social pressure, withdrawal cravings, weight-gain or other issues unique to your personal situation.

Session 3: Follow-up (optional)
Any time in the next 90 days, you may opt to schedule a third session for a “refresher.” This session may focus on relapse prevention, difficulties that may have popped up, or to address some other issue altogether.

QuitNow Program Pricing
If you smoke a pack every day, you spend about $2000 a year on your habit. For a fraction of this amount, you will save $2000 this year alone and we can show you how to turn that money into more money so that, financially, your investment will bring returns your whole life.

In addition, you save on insurance/health care costs. Most of all, you make an investment in you and your family where there are countless benefits. In addition, you receive social and employment benefits. Are you ready to improve your life and the lives of those you love?

The complete 3-session QuitNow program is $399.
It’s time to TAKE BACK your SENSE of CONTROL from the Tobacco Companies!
Hypnosis can help set you free.

Friends and Family Discounts
People benefit from peer supports. You can enroll a friend, spouse or family member with you and you can each receive a discount.

What are you waiting for? Call a friend and schedule your Quit Date today!