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If you could be free of one discomfort, habit, or feeling today, what would it be? How would that freedom change your life? If you have been trying to resolve a health problem or change a behavior but nothing seems to work, research demonstrates that Medical Hypnotherapy and other Mind Management techniques can help you get there.

Research demonstrates – over and over – the efficacy of Medical Hypnotherapy for hundreds of issues.From chronic pain to allergies to depression to phobias, the world’s most esteemed medical and psychological research organizations report success with Medical Hypnotherapy. (See our research page.)

You see, just as smoking and nail biting are behaviors, allergies, pain, depression, and phobia are also behaviors. (Interesting blog post on how this works this coming up – sign up to receive it when it’s published.) When it comes to changing a behavior, both the conscious and subconscious minds must work together.

We all have subconscious programming that works against us in some part of our lives. Often, we are not affected by that programming until we get sick or try to change a habit. In order to make certain behavioral or emotional changes, or to resolve certain health issues, that programming can be changed thereby allowing your other efforts or treatments to succeed.

At Durango Medical Hypnosis, we’ll teach you how to use your mind in new ways – to train your body to create health, to eliminate unproductive thoughts and behaviors, and to establish new patterns that create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Here are just a few conditions that are proven to respond to hypnotherapy:

Attention Disorders
Academic Performance
Addiction Recovery
Anger Management
End of Life Issues
Erectile Dysfunction
Hair Pulling
Unresolved Grief
Interview Nerves
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Nail Biting
Pain Control
Pornography Addiction
Public Speaking
Self Esteem
Stop Smoking
Stress and Anxiety
Teeth Grinding